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Where should the water level be for closing a pool with a winter safety cover?

The water level should be kept with in 12" of the top of the pool wall.

What is the proper spring tension?

Initially, adjust the straps so that the springs are set to at least half compression. This will keep the cover tight and aid in draining. The springs should be checked periodically and the straps adjusted to maintain this tension.

Should I treat the pool with chemicals before closing?

Be sure your pool has the proper level of sanitizer and algaecide before closing it for the winter. This will insure that the water is clear upon opening in the spring. If the cover is left on when the temperature has gone beyond 60 degrees F., it may be necessary to add algaecide to maintain clarity.

Should I remove snow and water from the cover over winter?

Large accumulations of snow should be carefully removed, taking precautions not to damage the cover. Likewise if a large puddle of water accumulates it should be removed immediately by draining it to the drain or by using a weighted cover pump. The straps should be adjusted to prevent a reoccurrence. Failure to perform this maintenance could result in stretching or damage to the cover components. Drainage can be facilitated by slightly loosening the strap that runs through the drain areas while tightening the straps away from the drain. A small amount of puddling is normal and will evaporate in dry weather. If you have questions about these or any procedures, please contact your cover installer.

How does debris (leaves, pine needles, etc..) affect my cover?

Covered pools in heavily wooded areas are susceptible to accumulation of leaves, needles and other debris that will inhibit water flow to and through the "Invis-a-drain". It is very important to keep the drain clear of debris at all times.

How can I protect my cover from abrasive coping?

For cover not ordered with sewn on padding, it is required that our loose 2' x 20' padding be placed as a barrier between rough or sharp coping and the cover itself. Periodic inspection of the cover is necessary for detection of early signs of wear.

Are there any special instructions for removal and storage of the safety cover?

The cover should be hosed off removing any debris that accumulated over the winter. If you have a cover with the invis-a-drain you should clear the drain also. Before folding the cover make sure it is completely dry. Cover cleaner and treatments, available at most pool supply stores, are also recommended.

Do the anchors require any special care?

After removing or prior to installing the cover, clean out all the anchor sockets with a stream of compressed air or water. This biannual cleaning will assure proper anchor function. Applying spray silicone to these components will also be beneficial to their proper operation. When the cover is not in use, screw anchors down completely to keep out debris and to prevent tripping, foot injuries, and cover damage.

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